Serge Company Ltd. is principally engaged in the production of furniture hardware. Production began in 1991., Initially as a sole trader, and later owners Jeanetta sites and sites created Sergei company Sgt. The company specializes in the manufacture of small products and small series. Furniture hardware includes the production of hangers, handles, legs and decorations. Also predllagat different letters, numbers, souvenirs and plaques.

All products are made of solid brass – a material giving a guarantee for durability and quality. Worked well brass products gives unparalleled brilliance, grace and warmth. Much of the production takes the production of articles on individual projects. This is thanks to technology, highly flexible, enabling faster and better results for small series. Depending on market trends and customer’s request, production details are available in various decorative finishes – old brass, nickel, satin, etc.

In 2006. Serge Ltd. company built a new factory. This allowed for – good technological equipment to improve the quality and organization of production and the most important – closing cycle – from material to finished product. The company has the capacity to provide services such as:

  • finished products to order;
  • manufacture of castings and bars of brass and aluminum;
  • grinding and polishing of components;
  • Surface application of finishes – satin nickel;

Thanks to the experience – more than 18 years, and the desire to improve the technology Serge Ltd. strives to offer its customers more – good quality products ever – honest and reliable partnership.